Compact, durable, space-ready radiation camera with advanced Timepix3 particle tracking. Vacuum-compatible, robust, temperature-stabilized; proven in space conditions.

Sensor Material: Si, CdTe or CZT
Sensor Thickness: According to customer preference
Sensitive Area:
Time Resolution:
Readout Speed:
Frame rate: 16 fps
Number of Pixels: 256 x 256
Pixel Pitch: 55 μm
Readout Chip: Timepix3
Power Consumption: 2 W
Certifications: ISO 8 clean room, ICD, Space Heritage, ECSS
Space Heritage: Yes

Connectivity: M8 or Micro-D connector
Weight: <140 g
Dimensions: customizable
Durability: Robust housing, Conformal coating

The MINIPIXTPX3_SPACE uses LVDS UART for communication with a robust interface connector (according to customer preference; usually M8 or Micro-d).


Implemented on the International Space Station, NASA Artemis program, the Gateway Lunar Station or numerous satellites, our single particle detectors are revolutionizing space weather monitoring and radiation protection. Advacam's cameras ensure safer and more efficient missions. Boasting a compact size and low-power consumption, these detectors excel in particle identification, energy measurement, and even determining the direction from which particles originate.
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