The ADVACAM Radiation Education Kit is a setup of radiation camera, radioisotope sources, and accessories to better understand nuclear and particle physics. The kit brings the latest CERN technology to classrooms and allows students to discover the invisible world of radiation.

Detector: MiniPIX EDU
Readout chip type: Timepix
Pixel size: 55 x 55 μm
Sensor resolution: 256 x 256 pixels
Dynamic range in one frame: 11 810
Dark current: none
Maximum frame rate: 45 fps
Operating temperature range: 0-55 °C
Radiation sources: Polonium-210, Strontium-90, Cobalt-60, Thorium-232

Interface USB
Software PIXet Basic


Bringing Particle Physics to Life in the Classroom. Advacam’s MiniPIX EDU device and Educational Kit are transforming the way particle physics is taught and demonstrated in educational settings. These innovative tools provide students with hands-on experience in observing and analyzing particle interactions, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging. With the MiniPIX EDU’s user-friendly interface and portable design, teachers can easily incorporate real-world demonstrations into their lessons.
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