ADVACAM’s team of scientists and specialists bring unparalleled expertise to the research of advanced imaging methods and to the design and production of photon-counting detectors.

Founded in 2013, our breakthrough technology grew from research as part of the original scientific collaboration for high-energy physics launched in the 1990s at CERN, and we remain an integral part of the Medipix team developing the imaging technologies of the future. Innovation is the engine of our growth, and we work tirelessly to push back the boundaries of what is possible with new imaging solutions.

ADVACAM’s patented detectors rank among the world’s most advanced imaging technologies. Our next-generation detectors are used in a broad range of industries for diverse applications, including by NASA to measure radiation conditions on the International Space Station, or by the European Space Agency (ESA) for communication satellites.

Jan Sohar (CEO) and Jan Jakůbek (CSO)


We design and produce cameras for material analysis, non-destructive testing, color radiography, or radiation safety. It senses every single particle of radiation of almost any kind, including X-rays, gamma, electrons, ions, and even neutrons. Based on CERN technology, our cameras revolutionize a range of industries, from space to medicine. We provide the ability to image the unseen. More about technology ›

Our technology offers unique features

  • Digital particle (photon) registration and counting within every pixel
  • Spectral sensitivity allowing color X-ray radiography and material-sensitive inspection
  • High-speed (up to 3000 frames per second)
  • High-resolution (55 microns)
  • Low-power consumption
  • Compact size and mobility

These new generation imaging detectors can be applied with great advantage in different imaging fields where current imaging technologies fail.

  • High-contrast spectral “color” X-ray radiography and tomography
  • Non-destructive testing, material-sensitive biological imaging of dynamic processes
  • One-side radiography and inspection methods: XRF imaging, backscatter imaging, X-Ray Diffraction, X-Ray Fluorescence
  • Electronmicroscopy (SEM, STEM, TEM)
  • Ion detection and imaging (Beam monitoring, RBS, ERDA)
  • Radiation safety
  • Space weather monitoring
  • Neutron imaging
  • Visualization of light elements in the heavy matrix

Join our innovative team, pushing the boundaries of imaging technologies.

We’re seeking experienced professionals as well as enthusiastic students for internships. Feel free to explore the list of our current job openings below and contribute to our world-changing mission. Alternatively, contact our HR Department directly at

Awards and certification

Spin-off companies


AdvaScope specialises in creating particle detection systems for electron microscopes.


Radalytica is currently the only provider of robotic imaging systems for non-destructive testing.

InsightArt s.r.o.

InsightArt brings X-ray imaging services into the field of art authentication and restoration.