MiniPIX TPX Standard

A basic model of a miniaturized and low-power radiation camera incorporating a single Timepix detector (256 x 256 pixels with a pitch of 55 μm) and a sensor according to customer preference

Readout chip type Timepix
Pixel size 55 x 55 μm
Dynamic range in one frame 11 082
Dark current none
Maximum frame rate 55 fps

Dimensions 88.9 x 21 x 10 mm
Weight 30 g
Interface USB 2.0 (Full-Speed)
Software PIXET PRO

The MiniPIX TPX Standard device is controlled via USB interface. The major operating systems are supported (MS Windows, Mac OS and LINUX). The complex software PIXET PRO used for detector operation is provided for free.


Bringing Particle Physics to Life in the Classroom. Advacam’s MiniPIX EDU device and Educational Kit are transforming the way particle physics is taught and demonstrated in educational settings. These innovative tools provide students with hands-on experience in observing and analyzing particle interactions, making complex concepts more accessible and engaging. With the MiniPIX EDU’s user-friendly interface and portable design, teachers can easily incorporate real-world demonstrations into their lessons.
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Implemented on the International Space Station, NASA Artemis program, the Gateway Lunar Station or numerous satellites, our single particle detectors are revolutionizing space weather monitoring and radiation protection. Advacam's cameras ensure safer and more efficient missions. Boasting a compact size and low-power consumption, these detectors excel in particle identification, energy measurement, and even determining the direction from which particles originate.
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ADVACAM offers cameras and solutions for multiple other applications, such as electron microscopy, crystallography, neutron imaging, localization of sources of ionizing radiation, charged particle tracking, and dosimetry for cancer therapy. In addition, many cameras are being used in basic research, such as at CERN's LHC accelerator, and for education on radiation and its properties in schools and universities.
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