Advacam WidePIX L 2x10

WidePIX photon counting detectors – the world’s highest performance hi-res industrial cameras

ADVACAM develops an array of detectors specialized for various industries and applications. Our team is constantly developing new imaging solutions to expand the capabilities of our advanced tools. An example of our innovation in action is for instance the WidePIX family of detectors. Our next-generation detectors can be used in a broad range of industries for diverse applications, including mineral analysis in mining, preclinical medical tests, security checks, food inspection, fine art inspection and more.

WidePIX F: The world’s fastest hi-res industrial camera

The WidePIX F spectrometric camera with game-changing X-ray imaging technology, based on photon counting, is currently rated as the world’s highest performance industrial camera. It is optimized for scanning of moving objects – typically carried by conveyor belt. It is the perfect tool for a diverse range of activities, from mineral analysis and ore sorting to food inspection, preclinical medical testing, security checks, or anywhere conveyor-based systems are deployed.

  • RESOLUTION: 55 microns—up to 20 times higher than current systems used in mining operations.
  • SPEED: Up to 5 metres per second—standard speed for food inspection is around 20 centimetres per second, which means that we can scan 25 times more material than standard methods in the same time period.
  • COLOUR/ MATERIAL SENSITIVITY: Increased sensitivity can be crucial in sorting—see below an example for mining.


The WidePIX system visualises the internal structure of the stones and distinguishes valuable ore from waste rock. The ore is often present in typical structure of tiny grains or veins recorded by high resolution image of our detector. Thanks to the multispectral sensitivity the different minerals are distinguished by colours in acquired images. Results from the European the X-MINE project demonstrate that WidePIX detectors can sort even copper ore which was impossible before with conventional systems.


The WidePIX L detector can also be configured for non-invasive medical imaging. For example, we can produce a real-time X-ray movie of a living mouse and observe its heartbeat without causing harm to the animal.

Other Industrial Applications

Our ultra-fast WidePIX detectors are a great choice, wherever it is necessary to inspect and X-ray fast-moving objects such as motors, turbines or elevator ropes. Our detectors make it easy to inspect various objects as they move with no need to stop the operation of the device.

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