VZLUSAT-2: Celebrating 400 MB of Data and Advacam’s Unique TimePix Detector’s Contribution in Space Exploration!

Already over 400 MB up and down! That is the amount of data transmitted by the Czech technological cubesat VZLUSAT-2 during the very first year of its operation while orbiting the Earth. Congratulations to the Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) and all other partners involved!

We are proud, at ADVACAM Cameras, that some of the data was created by our unique TimePix detector as well! The instrument literally counts every single particle of cosmic radiation steming mainly from stellar sources and it is able to capture optic x-ray pictures. The detector is part of the RITE payload, an experimental X-Ray Telescope constructed by Rigaku Innovative Technologies Europe s.r.o.

How the device works and why such a mission is crucial for the future safety of humankind in space? Find out in the video below. Explanation by Advacam’s Science researcher prof. Carlos Granja.

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