Two devices with ADVACAM detectors won the Quality Innovation Award 2020

Two devices working with ADVACAM detectors have both won the Quality Innovation Award 2020 both in the Czech and International round. RadalyX is an x-ray robotic imaging system by our spinoff company Radalytica. The second is BERKHOF x-rad, a new device for automatic X-ray inspection of products.

The Quality Innovation Award was organized for the 14th time by the Finnish Quality Association and the national quality organizations. A total of 416 innovations participated in the competition and the best 25 were recognized with Awards or Prizes. As always, winners in each category passed a strict evaluation based on their novelty value, usability, learning, customer orientation and effectiveness. The actual presentation of international awards will take place online on April 15, 2021.

RadalyX is an X-ray robotic imaging system that combines cutting edge X-ray imaging detectors from ADVACAM with the flexibility of collaborative robots.


RadalyX enables real-time 3D scanning of objects from any angle using flexible robotic arms, intuitive handling, easy programming, and simple data interpretation. The system is built to give customers the best X-ray imaging quality for a wide range of cases with strong emphasis on the aviation and automotive industries, e. g. non-destructive testing of light, advanced materials. Unlike conventional devices the integration of imaging technologies on six-axis robotic arms gives imaging the possibility of great flexibility in terms of size or shape of the sample. The system can test advanced composite materials with complex curvatures using ultrasonic probes and/or X-rays.

BERKHOF x-rad is an automatic x-ray inspection and imaging device.


Thanks to the new generation X-ray detector from ADVACAM, it is possible to detect even light materials and fine internal defects, which has not been possible until now. This system can learn to evaluate objects with almost 100% reliability and eliminate the factor of human error caused by negligence, fatigue or insufficient qualifications. Applications of this device can be used for final quality control in food industry, in pharmacology or even in automotive industry.

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