Advacam supports CTU Space Research

Telemetry Parts for a New Rocket by CTU Space Research

ADVACAM Cameras proudly supported the excellent university team that has built Illustria, the biggest rocket ever built by a Czech student team!

The rocket will attend European Rocketry Challenge in Portugal.

The rocket team developed on the grounds of Czech Technical University in Prague with the support of academic and industrial partners. The mission of the rocket is to reach a height of 3 km using a hybrid rocket engine, which the team developed themselves. During the descent, it is then set to conduct a biological experiment.

Illustria is 3,520 mm in length, 161 mm in diameter, and its weight climbed to 28.817 kg.

The student team thus provides room for future engineers to grow and indirectly contributes to the development of this industry in the Czech Republic.

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Godspeed, Viktor Hais and the team!

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