Other Services

ADVACAM offers several other services related to semiconductor sensor fabrication and micro packaging in order to offer single stop turn key solutions to its demanding customers. We are continuously expanding our service portfolio with new technological solutions.

Wafer dicing service

ADVACAM performs tailored dicing services using conventional diamond blade dicing. Dicing of the sensor wafers is sensitive, as micro-cracks may introduce significant leakage currents. ADVACAM is specialized in non-standard dicing processes with slow feed rates to optimize the dicing quality. Step cutting (dicing with two passes) can be used for optimal dicing quality.

Close dicing to the guard ring of a CMOS chip.

Timepix readout wafer probing

ADVACAM has the capability to automatically probe Timepix readout wafers in order to classify and discriminate the good and bad quality ASICs. This offering, together with the solder bumping, saves our customers time and money, and avoids unnecessary contamination of the wafers.

CMOS readout wafer probing map and classification of the chips based on their properties.

Sensor and mask design service

ADVACAM also offers semiconductor sensor design services, and helps its customers with the lithography mask design work to obtain the desired properties for its components. The optimal sensor design requires knowledge of the complete semiconductor process, starting from the material to selection of proper contacts and guard rings; and flip chip bonding of the sensor. The layouts are typically delivered to customers in gds-format.

Close view of the corner of a Si sensor chip. Overlaid mask layers of the GDS-file.