Sensor Manufacturing and Micro Packaging

Sensor Manufacturing

ADVACAM's standard offering covers pixel, micro strip and diode sensors fabricated on 6” (150 mm) high resistivity silicon wafers having thickness from 200 µm to 1 mm. Even thinner sensors, down to few micro meter thickness, can be fabricated using a well established carrier wafer technology. In addition, ADVACAM offers Si planar sensor processing on 8" (200 mm) high resistivity wafers for large area sensor components. ADVACAM has specialized in the fabrication of edgeless pixel and microstrip sensors. Edgeless sensors are qualified by having the entire sensor volume sensitive to radiation. The process technology provides inactive regions of less than one micro meter. The edgeless sensors are fabricated on 6” (150 mm) high resistivity silicon wafers with thickness of 50 µm to 675 µm.

Wafer Solder Bumping

ADVACAM uses electro-chemical plating processes for depositing solder bumps with UBM on 6” - 8” wafers. The solder bumping process is only offered for complete wafers (not chips). The diameter and pitch of the deposited solder bumps begins from 20 µm and 40 µm respectively. The wafer bumping process requires one mask layer. The process is compatible with standard 8” CMOS wafers (with a notch) and also with the 6” and 8" silicon sensor wafers.

Flip Chip Bonding

The ADVACAM team has been involved in flip chip assembly of hybrid pixel detectors with various pitches and sizes since 2002, allowing for special competences to develop over the years. Today we provide a commercial flip chip service for our customers’ high-value components. In addition to production-oriented work, we also help customers with R&D projects.

Other Services

ADVACAM offers several other services related to semiconductor sensor fabrication and micro packaging in order to offer single stop turn key solutions to its demanding customers. We are continuously expanding our service portfolio with new technological solutions.

Advacam is a one-stop shop for high quality turnkey silicon sensor manufacturing and micro-packaging services. Advacam is a commercial foundry providing challenging R&D and manufacturing services within hybrid pixel detectors for different scientific and industrial partners. The service portfolio comprises of a unique combination of front-end silicon sensor processing and back-end micro-packaging activities (i.e., wafer bumping and flip chip bonding). The process services are scalable from prototyping to production.

Advacam aims to be a globally distinguished production partner for hybrid pixel detectors. One of the basic operation principles is openness towards all the companies and believing on win-win scenarios by helping the customers to solve logistic and quality-based problems. Advacam wants to contribute to as many X-ray cameras using hybrid pixel detectors as possible.

Advacam's services are valued because of high quality and short delivery times Quality of the process services is Advacam’s core value. By mastering the sensor and micro-packaging processes and their relations, the quality-based problems can be more easily identified and eliminated.

Advacam is the leading company providing quick turnaround times of small series prototyping and production batches. The extensive experience in various projects helps us to shorten the delivery times; there’s no need to re-invent the wheel.


Advacam Oy is a technology spin-off company from VTT technical research centre of Finland, and the team has more than 30-year experience in the sensor manufacturing, micro-bumping on various types of wafers and flip chip bonding of hybrid pixel detectors in different geometries. The team is very experience in solder bump based flip chip process for silicon and compound semiconductor sensors (CdTe, CdZnTe and GaAs).

Clean room

Advacam operates in world-class clean room facility in Micronova facility. The 2,600m2 clean room is the largest R&D facility for fabrication of silicon-based microstructures in Nordic countries. There’s a great variety of process tools for the front- end silicon wafer processing and a complete flip chip line. All the process services for the semiconductor materials are done within the Micronova facility located in Espoo, Finland.