Revealing Nature’s Secrets: Captivating X-ray Image of a Half-Cut Orange Unveiled by Radalytica’s Cutting-Edge Technology

Check out this amazing X-ray image of a half-cut orange, taken by the Radalytica a.s. using the ADVACAM Cameras cutting-edge single photon counting detectors.

You can see the flesh of the fruit and the seed. Interesting: A slice of orange is only partially dried, the flesh around the seed contains little more water, So this part absorbed more radiation and in the picture is more saturated than the flesh in the other parts of the slice of orange.

With X-ray non-destructive inspection, Radalytica is pushing the boundaries of industrial testing, allowing for more detailed and accurate analysis of composite parts in airplanes and other industries.

This got us thinking: if Radalytica a.s. can create such a detailed X-ray image of an orange, imagine how the invisible interior of a composite part of a plane would look!

Autor: Jana Boháčová
Detector: MPX3 1×5 Silicon
X-ray voltage & current: 35kVp, 1mA

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