RaDron Research Project: Utilizing Miniature Radiation Detectors and Drones to Locate Lost Radioactive Sources

The search for a lost miniature source of radioactive Caesium 137 has managed to keep authorities and emergency services busy in Western Australia over the past few days.

The source of the dangerous beta and gamma radiation was eventually found after intensive efforts by rescuers and firefighters and special equipment of the Australasian Institute of Emergency Services. AFAC

This is precisely the case when the newly developed technology of a miniature device for locating a lost source of gamma radiation could help.

The RaDron research project combined the capabilities of small autonomous drones developed by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague and miniature radioactive radiation detectors MiniPIX TPX3 manufactured by ADVACAM Cameras.

The RaDron Research Project was funded by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

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