Radron Flight Demo

RaDron flight demo

A BIG media day for ADVACAM Cameras and our pioneering project – the autonomous drone for ionizing source localization, RaDron. We’re happy that many media outlets are interested in our groundbreaking technology! Tune into Česká televize tonight for a special report on the Události news show where our colleagues led by Jiri Sestak have explained the background.

Learn More About Our Drone Prototype:
ENG: https://advacam.com/projects/radron/
CZE: https://advacam.com/zachyty-radioaktivity-pomuze-detekovat-radron-akcni-ukazka-nove-technologie-probehla-v-ujv-rez/

Today’s demonstration flight showcased our innovative technology to the general public and potential industrial partners interested in enhancing their radiation safety solutions.

The RaDron initiative stands as a testament to successful collaboration, featuring contributions from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague, the Czech Metrology Institute, and ADVACAM Cameras, all with the generous funding support from the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TREND). A big shout-out and gratitude to ÚJV Řež, a. s. (Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc) for hosting our demo flight and their unwavering support!

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