ESA-MIRAM Miniaturized Radiation Monitor for GEO-Orbit Telecommunication Satellites

The objective of the project is to design, develop and test four prototypes of Miniaturised Radiation Monitor (MIRAM) which
is planned for GEO Telecom satellite missions to monitor the cosmic radiation dose
is based on pixel detector TimePix,
is designed for 12–15 years of latch-free operation,
is small with an order of magnitude reduction in the mass and volume as compared to previous radiation monitors,
has lower complexity and replaces expensive materials compared to previous solutions,
has reduced power consumption

Grant provider
European Space Agency - ESA
Project ID
ESA 4000122160/17/UK/ND
01/2018 — 09/2020
Principal investigator
Ústav technické a experimentální fyziky ČVUT v Praze
Doc. Ing. Carlos Granja, Ph.D.,, +420 601 270 076
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