ESA-DPE Pixel Detector Space Radiation Data Processing Engine

The objectives are:

  • Describe and model the response of the various types of Medipix and Timepix detectors across a wide range of radiation fields (types, fluxes, energies, directions)
  • Consolidate the long-term and wide-scope strategy of data processing and physics evaluation of Medipix/Timepix detectors. Develop the approach framework (SW, know-how)
  • Develop the physics methodology for production of science-level data products for dosimetry, spectrometry and tracking of space radiation
  • Design and build a robust wide-range data base and user interface tool for data processing and evaluation of wide-range data collected by various types of Timepix and Medipix-type detectors.
  • Develop a comprehensive, efficient and user-oriented application engine including user friendly GUI tool and web-based portal
  • Provide specialized and customized service to the space radiation community

The developed engine will be knowledge-based primarily on real data with extensive computing and programming methods. It will be founded on experimental data complemented and extended by physics models, Monte-Carlo simulations and machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms.

Grant provider
European Space Agency - ESA
Framework Project Development of Space-Related Activities
Project ID
04/2020 — 03/2022
Principal investigator
Advacam s.r.o.
Doc. Ing. Carlos Granja, Ph.D.,, +420 601 270 076