Photon-counting Detectors – New Imaging Technology for the Mining Industry

The mining industry typically deals with a number of problems – the excessive need for water, chemicals and energy or the fact that many good stones discarded with waste products. Novel technology based on photon-counting detectors may be the answer to some of these problems. ADVACAM, the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of photon-counting detectors, has successfully tested its technology within the European X-Mine. This project was created to support the European mining industry. Its aim is to create new technologies for a more independent, self-sufficient, and ecological mining industry in Europe. ADVACAM cameras are used within the X-Mine project in a revolutionary rock analyser from the Swedish company Orexplore and in an innovative sorting line from the Polish company Comex.

More efficient sorting methods for mined rocks

Completely dry technology, without the need for water or chemicals, and with up to 50% less initial investment cost and up to 20 times lower operating expenses.

Comex is a Polish company focusing on more efficient sorting methods for mined rock. Its sorting line uses ADVACAM detectors to achieve faster mineral sorting with significantly increased accuracy compared to standard systems and without the need for chemicals or water. Another benefit is the system’s 50% less initial investment cost and up to 20 times lower operating cost compared to current equipment.

Revolutionary Rock Analyser

Ore samples analysed on-site in real-time.

The Swedish company Orexplore facilitates the exploration of mines using a revolutionary rock analyser equipped with ADVACAM detectors. Traditional techniques usually require rock samples to be sent to a lab for analysis, which can take several weeks. This delay is eliminated by the system’s ability to analyse ore samples on-site in real-time. Faster analysis means less exploration costs and greatly reduces the environmental impact of mining exploration.

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