IEEE 2018 – New Technologies in Hadron Therapy Workshop

ADVACAM will again be participating in the Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference, this year in Sydney, Australia. ADVACAM’s own Senior Scientific Researcher Carlos Granja will give a review talk at the New Technologies in Hadron Therapy Workshop, Tuesday November 13th from 14:40 – 14:55.

Granja’s presentation is based on a collaborative study on quantum imaging dosimetry, particle tracking, spatial and directional detection of mixed-radiation fields in ion beam radiotherapy with Timepix and Timepix-3.

The above image is an example of visualization by Timepix (300 µm silicon sensor) of the radiation field for (a) 48 MeV protons and (b) 88 MeV/u 12C ions entering the sensor from the right at parallel and grazing angle b to the sensor plane, respectively. Already by visual inspection we find resolved primary beam and scattered particles, as well as secondary and background particles (marked with labels).

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