Happy 70th birthday, CERN!

Today, CERN ceremoniously commemorates the 70th anniversary of its founding in 1954. Congratulations! It is fascinating to witness all the fantastic and unforeseen results of fundamental particle research!

The highlight of the celebrations is a prestigious lecture series called “The virtuous circle of knowledge and innovation – From particle physics to new technology and back.” Among the nine invited speakers is also the CSO of ADVACAM Jan Jakůbek, who will primarily discuss our medical and educational activities.

The company, we find ourselves in through Jan, is truly top. You can judge the line-up for yourself:

✅ Tabea Arndt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
✅ Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics
✅ Jan Jakůbek, ADVACAM
✅ Amalia Ballarino, CERN
✅ Reinhold Bertlmann, University of Vienna
✅ Daniela Bortoletto, University of Oxford
✅ Nicolas Gisin, University of Geneva
✅ Steffen Kappler, Siemens Healthineers
✅ Alessandro Lombardi, CERN

The gala evening begins today at 19:30. Keep your fingers crossed for Jan to succeed in his presentation.

You can watch the entire event live via CERN’s Webcast. If you can’t catch it live, a recording will also be available on CERN’s YouTube channel.

Cheers to CERN!


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