Packing up tp IEEE NSS in Vancouver

From Prague to Vancouver, ADVACAM Cameras is on the move!

We’re excited to showcase our innovative solutions at the 2023 IEEE NSS MIC RTSD conference. Our colleague, Tomáš Hofbauer, is packed and ready. As well as Jan Jakubek and Carlos Granja. If you’re as passionate about advanced imaging and particle tracking as we are, they are eager to meet you!

Our brand new MiniPIX SPRINTER camera – a compact, high-speed single-photon counting marvel powered by the new-gen Timepix chip. From space radiation monitoring to electron microscopy, its versatility is unmatched. And with up to 99 frames per second, it’s setting new standards in radiation detection.

For a detailed look, or to set a personal meeting with Tomáš Hofbauer in Vancouver, reach out:



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