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The first Timepix3 based camera is available now!

CERN and ADVACAM s.r.o. have signed a license agreement for Timepix3 chip. Timepix3 (TPX3) is the next generation of X-ray and radiation imaging technology. TPX3 has an array of “clever” pixel electronics capable of processing every detected photon. Contrary to common X-ray imaging detectors, the TPX3 is capable of measuring simultaneously position, energy and time-of-arrival of every detected photon. Rather than collecting data frame-by-frame, the device generates a continuous stream of event data. The information about detected photon energy is used to create a full per-pixel spectra. TPX3 is therefore a breakthrough technology that gives a course to the future of radiation imaging technology. Advacam released TPX3 device in ADVAPIX TPX3 X-ray imaging detector. It is the first commercially available detector that records all possible information about every detected photon.

The precise time measurement for every photon (1.5 ns) enables different coincidence based techniques (PET, Compton camera, Time-of-Flight) and applications in imaging of dynamic processes (random vibration suppression, fast scanning).

AdvaPIX-TPX3 -First truly spectral imaging cameraAdvaPIX-TPX3 -First truly spectral imaging camera

Advacam offers ADVAPIX TPX3 device in several versions differing in sensor type and thickness (Silicon and CdTe). Its spatial resolution with CdTe sensor reaches 14 micrometers (1 megapixel image). This is so far the best resolution reached with CdTe imager.

Advacam has tested the device in the fields of fully spectral X-ray radiography, SPECT and PET. Currently the TPX3 Compton gamma camera is being finalized.

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