Exploring Innovations in Particle Detection: Highlights from the Medipix Collaboration Meeting

At the recent Medipix Collaboration Meeting, we saw some incredible presentations, including a fascinating look at 50 years of particle detection by Erik H.M. Heijne from CERN, some first measurements with Medipix 4 by Sriskaran Viros, and a thrilling presentation of innovative particle detectors for space by Benedikt Bergmann from the IEAP CTU in Prague.

We also got some interesting news about read-out chips for Timepix 4 from Riccardo Bolzonella at the University of Ferrara, and very convincing proofs of Timepix 2 enhanced energy resolution by Jan Jakubek from ADVACAM Cameras.

Juha Kalliopuska from ADVACAM Semiconductors presented on some superior properties of new GaAs sensors, and Pavel Stejskal from AdvaScope s.r.o. shared insights on the advantages and possibilities of timepix detectors for electron microscopy.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – the amount of innovation and expertise on display was truly inspiring. Thank you to everyone who shared their work and made this meeting such a success!

(The author of the image is Erik H.M. Heijne)

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