Discovering Nature’s Beauty: A Stunning Sea Horse Image with Medipix Technology

Feel free to zoom in to appreciate the incredible details!
This stunning image of a sea horse (Hippocampus guttulatus) by Stepan Polansky has been acquired by a Timepix2 chip developed within the Medipix2 collaboration.

The Medipix technology has a game-changing concept – it delivers high-resolution, high-contrast images that are entirely noise-free. Unlike conventional X-ray detectors, Medipix’s uniqueness lies in its single-photon counting ability, which detects and measures individual X-ray photons for improved image quality and reduced radiation exposure.

The sea horse is a small fish with an atypical body shape, the size of which is usually around 15 cm. The individual in the picture has approximately 11 cm body size. Compared to other types of fish, the sea horse has a prehensile tail. This allows it to cling to a plant or rock bed. An interesting fact is that the female lays her eggs in the abdominal pouch of the male, who incubates the embryos inside for several weeks. This means that there is a pregnant male in this species.

The Timepix2 chip has been designed as the successor of Timepix with an emphasis on robustness and safer, ultimately faster operation. High detector frame rate and capability of high X-Ray flux detection, together with dead-time-free operation, enable to perform fast CT scans usable for medical applications. High detector dynamic range, together with outstanding stability, allow obtaining high-quality radiographs even for very low contrast and low absorption objects, which is demonstrated by acquired image. A very good ratio of signal-to-noise can be achieved in a short time.

Here at ADVACAM, we’re not just about creating beautiful images, but about advancing technology to serve a variety of industries, from space to medicine. As a global leader in x-ray imaging, we are dedicated to bringing this cutting-edge technology to the forefront of industries worldwide.

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