Advertisement of the next generation of x-ray imaging detectors

Cutting-Edge X-Rays for Composites!

The new generation of x-ray imaging technology pushes the limits of detectable defects way beyond common non-destructive testing methods.

The novel photon-counting x-ray imaging detectors are produced by Advacam, these detectors have ‘clever’ pixels that contain electronics capable of processing every x-ray photon detected.

Composite non-destructive testing (NDT) takes advantage of the detector sensitivity to lower x-ray energies, which provide the best contrast in composites and carry the most information about the internal structure. Therefore, light materials such as carbon fibers and epoxies are easily revealed in greater detail. Defects such as porosity, foreign objects and micro-cracks are easy to detect, with resolutions of 55μm or better. Even challenging defects such as deep laminate wrinkles, kissing-bonds and delamination can be found thanks to the excellent sensitivity of these novel devices.

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