ADVACAM s.r.o.
U Pergamenky 12, 170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic

Spectral imaging detectors for imaging the unseen

Team Members

  • Jan Sohar
    Chief Executive Officer
    Jan is an expert in industrial business development and has successfully launched several businesses including industrial production plants. He has long experience in a supply chain management, financing and running the daily operations of the company. Jan's responsibilities are in implementation of internal and external processes necessary to run a company.
  • Dr. Jan Jakubek
    Chief Scientific Officer
    Jan is responsible for R&D and innovations. His role in company as Scientific Director is to design new imaging methods, perform experimental work, develop algorithms for data analysis and lead the technically oriented team members. Jan Jakubek is working in field of radiation imaging and pixel detectors for more than 15 years being affiliated with Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of Czech Technical University in Prague as head of Department of physical applications and technology. His scientific publication list counts more than 150 impacted articles and many contributions to conference proceedings. His work is very often cited by other authors (more than 5 000 citations in total). He is inventor/co-inventor of many patents.
  • Dr. Josef Uher
    Chief Technology Officer
    Josef is responsible for development of custom solutions based on our cameras. He is communicating client’s needs and translating them into modifications of our hardware and software. He is seeking for new commercial applications of our devices taking advantage of his over 12 years of experience in development of photon counting camera applications.
  • Tomas Hofbauer
    Sales Manager
    Tomas’s key expertise is in maintaining and expanding relationships with users and customers and support management resources. He is experienced with customer account management and contract generation. Tomas has long experience in communication activities connecting the company profile into a market addressable presentation.