Authentication of art

Study and characterization of art pieces, namely paintings, using X-ray imaging is becoming an increasingly important area. It is useful for galleries, museums and collectors to improve conservation and preservation methods. It is important for art buyers to reliably authenticate the works. The advanced X-ray imaging techniques provide detailed data for insurance companies to assess risks involved in transportation of art.
The spectral imaging capability of Advacam’s detectors enables identification of different pigments based on their spectral responses. A "colour” X-ray image is then created where the colours are associated to different pigments identified in the painting. The recognition of pigments even in invisible lower layers can serve as an important clue in the process of art authentication.

Advacam's spin-off company InsightArt

Advacam has transferred the art inspection offering to its spin-off company InsightArt. The goal of the company is to be one-stop shop for the art collectors, auctions and galleries. The company analysis paintings and other pieces of art using advanced X-ray imaging techniques combined with the conventional ones. The combination of the techniques allows unprecedented technique for studying art and identification of different types of materials and pigments in the images.