Advacam’s Radiation Monitor on Board: OneWeb’s JoeySat Launches Tomorrow with Ambitious Tech Testing Mission

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with OneWeb’s experimental next-generation telecommunication satellite “JoeySat” will launch tommorow at 15:15 CEST. Our radiation camera is on board.

There you can watch the launch live with us. Please, cross your fingers!
CZECH Stream

JoeySat’s ambitious objective is to field-test various advanced technologies intended for the forthcoming generation of internet satellite constellations. Our cutting-edge, high-resolution radiation monitor is onboard as well, showcasing its unique ability to detect, classify, and track harmful cosmic rays and space radiation in orbit.

Advacam’s advanced radiation camera onboard can measure and determine the type, intensity, energy and direction of energetic particles in outer space. That is highly valuable for the operation of telecommunications satellites and the protection of sensitive electronics onboard.

Thanks to the European Space Agency – ESA for the support and supervision as well.

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