AdvaScope enters international technology market

ADVACAM expands its family of spin-off companies with AdvaScope. The new member of the technological group specialises in creating particle detection systems for electron microscopes and developing cutting-edge imaging technologies that exceed common current demands and at the same time offering the solutions for the challenges of tomorrow.

AdvaScope brings together decades of experience in design and development of hybrid-pixel detector systems that provide single electron sensitivity for use in high resolution, high-speed and high-sensitivity applications. The company cooperates with leading electron microscope manufacturers and produces innovative particle detection systems; supported by its software team with extensive experience in developing customized solutions using Timepix detectors, developing lossless and accelerated data-processing routines for frame based or data driven acquisition strategies.

The technology itself as well as the detectors are provided by the parent company ADVACAM that enters yet another technology segment and widens its activities both professionally and geographically. AdvaScope is the first spin-off venture outside Prague with the headquarters located in the Technology Park in Brno, aptly joining the remaining subsidiaries, Radalytica and InsightART, specialising in systems for the diagnosis of composite materials and fine art analysis respectively.

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