ADVACAM detectors for electronic microscopy

ADVACAM is proud to have contributed its detector technology to Thermo Scientific’s™ Helios™ 5 UX DualBeam. The Helios 5 offers unprecedented high-resolution imaging capability. Automated tool management keeps the system in optimum alignment, ready to deliver the highest performance for both automated and manual usage.

ADVACAM was also acknowledged with a product innovation award for helping Thermo Fischer Scientific with the development of SEM/TEM/SDB detection.

In addition to the most advanced electron and ion optics, the Helios 5 UX DualBeam incorporates a suite of state of-the-art technologies that enables simple and consistent high resolution S/TEM and Atom Probe Tomography (APT) sample preparation, as well as the highest-quality subsurface and 3D characterisation, even on the most challenging samples. It uses six integrated in-column and below-the-lens detectors to create images with complete sample information with sharp, refined and charge-free contrast.

This high-resolution imaging capability is now accessible to all users, including improved focus routines and automated alignments.

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