A new product in introductory price: Welcome MiniPIX SPRINTER

Welcome MiniPIX SPRINTER: The World’s First Implementation of CERN’s New-gen Hi-speed Chip in an Imaging Detector.

The enhanced version of our miniaturized detector is entering the market now:

The price of the camera is set to €11 590. 
To our esteemed academic customers, we offer it at a limited introductory price of € 9,650 until the end of 2023.

SPRINTER is the newest member of the MiniPIX camera family, which has been successfully accommodated in various applications from X-ray Radiography and X-ray Diffraction and Electron Microscopy to Radiation Monitoring and Particle Tracking aboard the International Space Station.

It is the world’s first imaging detector of ionizing radiation equipped with the new generation of Timepix chip developed at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). See the datasheet, which you can download from our website: Datasheet MiniPIX SPRINTER

The camera introduces some previously unavailable and entirely new imaging models: 

  • Full-frame modes with an extremely wide dynamic range – (SNR up to 2000, suitable, for example, for X-ray radiography with very High Contrast)
  • Energy discrimination in frame modes (thresholding)
  • High frame rate of up to 99 frames per second
  • Fully spectral modes: The energy of each detected particle is measured
  • Particle tracking: Monitoring the composition of radiation and dosimetry (particle type, energy, direction)
  • Two per-px channels (e.g. energy+counting)
  • Compact design, plug-and-play, USB 2.0/cable
  • The PIXet software is available for free

This enhanced detector will enable you to deepen your excellent research further and bring you many outstanding results.

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