Advacam brings to the scientific and industrial market the next generation of radiation imaging detectors. All our cameras are counting individual photons/particles in each pixel while measuring energy of the detected radiation. Our devices can detect many types of radiation such as X-rays, electrons, gammas, alpha particles, ions, neutrons
The photon/particle counting eliminates all sources of noise added to the signal, which limits the achievable image quality in other radiation imaging technologies. It allows creating very high contrast images even with spectral information. That opens up an entirely new range of possibilities for applications.

Currently available products are


Each camera is delivered with the PIXet LITE software. PIXet LITE allows basic control of the camera and export of measured data. It operates with Medipix family detectors. PIXet LITE is available in versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.


Advacam offers also a range of accessories for cameras including staff training. Among the accessories is the software PIXet PRO that enables access to all internal camera settings and provides a range of image processing tools. We offer also readout interfaces for various Medipix family chips and computer controlled high voltage source designed for CdTe pixel sensors.