Portable Small USB Camera

Speed 45 fps
Size 65K pixels

camera contains single Timepix device with Silicon sensor. The energy sensitive imaging built into a small device brings a new dimension to radiographic imaging. The compact size allows the camera to be inserted into pipes or confined spaces and take images otherwise difficult to make. It uses USB 2.0 interface capable to read up to 45 frames pe...
MiniPIX small USB camera
MiniPIX portable miniaturised particle detector


Advacam's imaging cameras are direct conversion single photon counting pixel detectors that represent the cutting edge of current radiation imaging technology. The term “single photon counting” means that every single photon of X-ray radiation detected in individual pixel is processed and counted. The technology brings two major advantages in comparison to the conventional X-ray imaging - high contrast together with sharp high resolution images and spectral information of the radiation that allows material specific information to be displayed in colors.


Non-Destructive Testing

Tough, light and reliable materials are the key for many of developments. Identification of defects, impurities or cracks in these materials is therefore important. X-ray imaging is a tool used for these purposes for a long time. However, the standard imaging technology was tuned mostly for metals. ...

Small Animal Spectral Imaging

Cancer research, bio-mechanics, drug testing are just few examples where X-ray imaging contributes to the research in biology and medicine. Until recent, synchotrons were typically the place to go to do much of this imaging. Nowadays, the photon counting detectors start changing this stereotype. The ...

Mining and geology

Resources mined from Earth fuel our society. However, efficient, eco-friendly mining is a must if we want to keep the economy and society sustainable. Cheap, fast exploration for mineral resources is required. Geology is a tool to understand our planet and also to help find resources still undiscove ...

Authentication of art

Study and characterization of art pieces, namely paintings, using X-ray imaging is becoming an increasingly important area. It is useful for galleries, museums and collectors to improve conservation and preservation methods. It is important for art buyers to reliably authenticate the works. The adva ...

X-ray microscopy

X-ray microscopy offers very high resolution radiography or computed tomography images of the samples. Advacam's photon counting cameras are able to enhance the quality and resolution of the images while speeding up the imaging process. The spectral imaging capability can be utilised to discriminate ...

Other applications

Advacam offers cameras and solutions for multiple other application such as electron microscopy, crystallography, neutron imaging, charged particle tracking and dosimetry for cancer therapy. In addition, number of cameras are being used in the basic research, such as at CERN's LHC accelerator, and f ...

Customer References

  • Commercial Off-the-Shelf Space Product
    The Miniaturized Particle Telescope is much more compact than systems previously used. It can be held in your hand, and uses two USB connections to a laptop for all of its power and data acquisition and synchronization.
  • MiniPIX is About as Fun as a Product Can Get
    MiniPIX is teeny and deceptively simple to use, but if you’re in space, you’ve just survived a nuclear apocalypse, or you’re a physics fan interested in how much radiation hits you on a daily basis, it’s about as fun as a product can get.