Flip chip operator

Flip Chip Bonding operator
Tietotie 3, Espoo, Finland
We are looking for an operator for running flip chip bonding in small-scale production of hybrid pixel detectors. The operator works with state-of-the-art ultra-fine pitch, large-area, semiconductor ASICs and sensor chips and attach them together using a flip chip bonder.

Are you self-disciplined? Do you foresee the consequence of your actions? Your have big responsibilities as there are many combinations that you must learn to master: various ASICs designs with different solder bumps/alloy/pitch that will be bonded against sensor chips made of different semiconductor materials. You’ll be trained by the experts, and your daily work is to set up FC bonding processes and apply the recipes for batches of components, documentation and preparing the goods for shipping. You can perform these tasks independently, but you don’t hesitate to ask advise from your colleagues in case of uncertainty.

Advacam fabricates state-of-the-art pixel detector modules for novel X-ray cameras for industrial and scientific markets. We manufacture Si sensors, deposit the solder bumps on the CMOS ASIC wafers and flip chip the components together. The typical pixel density of flip chip interconnects per cm2 is ~30,000. The manufactured components will be used in novel X-ray cameras and for scientific experiments all around the world.

Advacam runs its Si pixel sensor fabrication and flip chip processes in Micronova clean room facility in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland. You’ll be working with the flip chip bonding processes in the 2,600 m2 clean room designed for microelectronics fabrication.

We are looking for a person with:
• Appropriate educational degree, such as B.Sc., technician, clock smith, laboratory technician.
• Experience in flip chip bonding
• Experience in working with tweezers and chips
• Mind-set of minimising component and material losses
• Problem-solving skills, flexibility, good reporting skills in English
• Good communication skills in English – very important!
We value:
• Experience working in clean room environment
• Commitment in your work
Are you fulfilling the requirements and available for starting in August – September 2018? Join our talented international team based in Espoo, Finland.
For further information contact mr Sami Vähänen, tel: +358 40 552 3384, email: sami.vahanen(AT)advacam.com.