Edgeless sensor technology

The edgeless silicon sensors were first introduced in 1995 as an extension of 3D silicon detector technology due to similarities in the fabrication process. The basis is to etch deep trenches anisotropically around the sensor chips and dope the sidewalls with impurity ions to avoid leakage currents. Traditionally, the doping has been done with polysilicon, but it is problematic as the poly-Si makes sensor chips fragile and cracking of sensors may lead to a poor fabrication yield. Advacam’s edgeless silicon sensor process relies on sidewall doping by using an ion implantation. This process approach is straightforward and reliable. In addition, we have developed a cost effective under bump metallization process for the edgeless detectors.

Having the front- and back-end process in-house allows us to have a fully compatible and optimized manufacturing of the edgeless sensors.