Wafer bumping

4” - 8” wafers can be bumped using lead-free or tin-lead solder. The diameter of the deposited solder bumps begins from 20 µm sized bumps which can be deposited with 40 µm pitch. The wafer bumping is based on electroplating process and it requires one mask plate per wafer type. The process is compatible with the standard CMOS wafers and also with the high-resistivity silicon sensor wafers.

We need the topmost metal and passivation data preferably in GDS format in order to prepare the mask plates. Please note that the solder bumping process can only be performed for complete wafers (not chips).

Wafers can be thinned after deposition of the solder bumps. In wafer thinning process, the bulk Si is background from the device wafer and then the damage layer is removed. Stand-alone wafers can be thinned down to 150 µm after deposition of the solder bumps.

Please contact us and we will get your wafers bumped.

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