Sensor wafer fabrication

Edgeless sensors

Advacam has specialized in fabrication of edgeless pixel and microstrip sensors. By definition, in the edgeless sensors the entire sensor volume is sensitive to the radiation. The process technology provides inactive regions of less than one micron.  The edgeless sensors are fabricated on 6” (150 mm) high -resistivity silicon wafers with thickness from 50 µm to 500 µm.

Edgeless sensors with various sizes are reliably manufactured and further processed. We do not only provide the edgeless sensor wafer processing service, but we also bring take them all the way through the under bump metallization and flip chip bonding to deliver single edgeless sensor assemblies. Use of edgeless sensors for large-area tiling can optimize the manufacturing yield. This is a unique offering in the world that only Advacam can provide.

First bacth of fabricated edgeless sensor assemblies was delivered to Institute of Applied and Experimental Physics in Czech Technical University (IEAP-CTU). They have constructed a worlds first fully functional large area photon counting camera called WidePIX. The prototype comprises 10 x 10 matrix of edgeless sensor assemblies and covers full field of view area of 14 cm x 14 cm. This 6.5 MegaPixel camera is being used to demonstrate the potential of the edgeless sensor technology.

Please contact us for the state-of-the-art edgeless sensors and WidePIX large area photon counting camera.

Download a presentation of silicon sensor fabrication at Advacam

Planar sensors

Advacam team has a 10-year experience in the pixel, micro strip and diode fabrication. Our standard offering covers sensors fabricated on 6” (150 mm) high resistivity silicon wafers having thickness from 200 µm to 1 mm. Advacam offers as well Si sensor processing on 8" (200 mm) high resistivity wafers for large area sensor components. Sensor with any polarities, such as p-on-n, n-on-n, n-on-p and p-on-p can be fabricated. Both p-stop and p-spray technologies are available for the electrical isolation of the anode electrodes.

The sensor processes provide low leakage currents and high breakdown voltages that are typically many times higher than the depletion voltage. The processing is carried out with a short delivery time.

Advacam provides a possibility to continue the wafer processing by depositing the under bump metallization or solder bumps, carry out the dicing of the wafers and perform the flip chip bonding of the sensor assemblies. We also provide wire bonding of the flip-chip bonded assemblies to the PCB.

Our latest batch contains single and quad type Medipix2/Timepix or Medipix3 silicon sensors. All sensors have thin film under bump metallization deposited.

Please contact us for the planar sensor process.

Download a presentation of silicon sensor fabrication at Advacam

Available thicknesses in stock:

Singles sensors (256x257)
  • 300 μm
  • 500 μm
  • 675 μm
  • 1000 μm


Quad sensors (4 x 256x259)
  • 300 μm
  • 500 μm