Flip Chip Bonding

Advacam team has been involved in in the flip chip assembly of hybrid pixel detectors with various pitches and sizes since 2002. Sensors made out of different materials, such as Si, Ge, GaAs, Cd(Zn)Te, are can be routinely flip chip bonded. The hybridization team is specialized in the solder bump-based flip chip bonding.

Typical solder structure is such that the solder bumps are deposited on the ASIC readout wafer with the UBM and the sensor wafer has a solderable UBM. We can also deposit the solder bumps on the sensor wafers. If you provide us the sensor wafers ot chips, please reserve some test material for setting up the bonding process.

Please contact us and we will get your flip chip hybridization job done.

Download presentation of micro packaging services of Advacam