Custom R&D

Advacam R&D provides a wide range of research and development services. We combine our extensive in-depth knowledge of our photon counting cameras with many years of experience with radiation imaging applications.

We are able to advice, design or build customized cutting edge radiation imaging solutions. Our expertise covers the whole camera production and application chain, i.e. from semiconductor sensor to final application. That gives us a great advantage since we can tailor every detail of the developed system towards the customer’s needs. We can design a customized sensor, we can write customized data processing software, we can design mechanics tightly operating with detector electronics and much more.

We do not limit ourselves only to X-ray imaging, but we offer also help in cutting edge neutron imaging or radiation monitoring applications. Our company collaborates with a number of industrial and scientific partners in many different fields.

We offer also training of our customer’s staff to allow them achieve the best results using our technologies.