Advacam provides a unique combination of fabrication services in-house for the hybrid pixel sensors. The team has a 10-year experience in the sensor fabrication, wafer-scale (solder-based) micro-bumping on various types of wafers and flip chip assembling of hybrid pixel detectors. We are a one-stop shop and will provide high quality turnkey fabrication and micro-packaging services to our customers. All we need is the mask data, ASIC wafers and sensor specifications, and we’ll take care of the rest.

The sensor wafer front-end processing is done for 6” high–resistivity silicon wafers. We are collaborating with VTT in order to provide the best value for our customers. The process yield and the costs can be optimized by having a fully smooth transition from the front- to back-end process and minimizing the logistics. The back-end process can be applied for the fabricated 6” sensor wafers and for the 8” ASIC wafers. The processes consist of Under-Bump Metallization (UBM) and solder bump deposition processes, dicing of wafers and flip chip bonding. After the dicing of the wafers, inspection and testing of the chips, we flip chip bond the best sensors to best ASICs to create hybrid pixel detector assemblies.

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