WidePIX ®10x10

Custom Built Large Area Camera

The camera consists of 10x10 chip tiles. Each tile is a single Timepix hybrid detector (256 x 256 pixels) with edgeless silicon sensor. The edgeless sensor technology allows placing all tiles tightly together from all sides. Thus the whole area of the WidePIX®10x10 device is fully sensitive (there are no gaps).

Each pixel has integrated digital circuitry that counts number of particles (e.g. X-ray photons). The particle counting principle assures registration of radiation quanta without added noise (integration and readout noise is zero). The photon counting allows getting images with very high contrast and broad dynamic range (theoretically unlimited). Therefore even structure of low mass objects (e.g. plastic or soft tissue) is imaged at a high contrast.

The Timepix technology allows application of an energy threshold. This feature enables obtaining multichannel "color" or spectral radiographs. Different materials can be visualised in different colors (similar to color photography).

The minimum detectable is typically 5 keV in case of X-ray photons. The intrinsic spatial resolution of the camera is defined by pixel size which is 55 µm. The pixels situated on the border of tiles are 2.5 times larger in one direction. The corner pixels of tiles are 2.5 times larger in both directions.

The camera is connected to the controlling computer via USB 2.0 interface with readout time of 0.65 seconds per frame. The thermal stabilization of the camera is in dependence on environment provided by an active water cooling system with chiller. The power consumption is 100 W. 


 Technical Specs  
 Sensor Material:  Silicon
 Sensor Thickness:  300 μm, 500 μm
 Sensitive Area:  143mm X 143 mm
 Readout Speed:  10 frames/s
 Connectivity:  USB 2.0 
 Number of Pixels:  2560 X 2560
 Pixel Pitch:  55 μm
 Pixel Mode of Operation:  Counting, Time-over-Threshold, Time-of -Arrival
 Minimum Detectable Energy:  5 keV for X-rays
 Threshoid Step Resolution:  0.1 keV
 Energy Resolution:  0.8 keV (THL) and 2 keV (ToT)
 Pixel Photon Counting Speed:  1e5 photons/s/pixel
 Readout Chip:  Timepix
 Resolution:  9 lp/mm
 Weight:  8 kg
 Dimensions:  320 mm x 215 mm x 40 mm (L x W x H)
 Software:  Pixet and Pixelman


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