Statoil – a world energy leader in oil and gas production headquartered in Norway – selected Advacam to develop non-invasive inspection of pressure vessels without stopping operations or removing any materials. This will be a very major advantage over current inspection technologies that stop operations and are so costly and time consuming.

Statoil launched an open innovation campaign on the subject and received 32 proposals from all over the world. They selected three winners which included Advacam. Statoil operates in 36 countries and is the world’s 11th largest oil and gas company by production and 26th largest by profit.

Advacam proposed a solution based on its proprietary and revolutionary “Particle Counting” X-ray back scattering technologies, that inspects by measuring the reflection of particles from inside of a medium, resulting in high-resolution digital images of the interior without the insertion of any equipment into the object being inspected. This is opposed to regular x-rays that must radiate through materials and thus require the insertion of sensors into the pressure vessels, for example.

“Technology development is a continuous process and the winners of the contest illustrate the importance of constantly looking ahead, also to other industries, to orient themselves anew,” says Magnar Ottøy, Leader of Statoil’s Technology Management organization in a Statoil press release. “We are now looking into the opportunity for further collaboration and technology development with the winners, says Jan Richard Sagli, Statoil’s Manager of Innovation.

Advacam’s approach actually represents two technical breakthroughs, said Jan Jakubek, the Company’s Chief scientist and author of the revolutionary inspection idea. “We are honored to be able to demonstrate how our new Particle Counting X-ray imaging equipment can offer a non-invasive, reflected imaging solutions – ‘Imaging the Unseen’ per the Company’s motto in order to help Statoil became safer, more effective and productive.”