Advacam is participating to 2016 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference industrial exhibition during 1-3.11.2016 in Strasbourg, France. You are welcome to visit our booth #E78 during the exhibition days and see our latests development, including:

  • High resolution and high sensitivity spectroscopic imaging
    • CdTe sensors 1 mm thick, pixel size 55 µm with pixel arrays of 256x1280 or 512x1280 pixels
    • CdZnTe sensors 2 mm thick, pixel size 110 µm with pixel arrays of 128x640 or 256x640 pixels
    • hardware supported online scanning mode
    • suitable inspection of thick welded parts
    • inspection of casted samples
    • inspection of composite materials
  • AdvaPIX high performance spectroscopic imaging camera
    • spectrum measured in all pixels
    • variety of sensors (Si, CdTe, CZT)
    • X-ray imaging of dynamic processes with frame rate of 1700 fps
  • Si pixel sensor processing on 8" (200 mm) high resistivity wafers
    • doubled processing area for large area Si sensors
    • Reduced cost per sensor due to volume production
  • Introducing AdvaDAQ, 5Gb/s readout for the next generation of imaging detectors Timepix3 
You are encouraged to see our scientific contributions: