Advacam is participating to 18th International Workshop on Radiation Imaging Detectors during 3-7 July 2016. You are welcome to visit our booth #05 during the conference days and see our latests development, including:

  • AdvaPIX modular high frame rate camera operating at 1700 frames per second
    • Poster P144, Jan Jakubek: Applications of fast USB 3.0 based Timepix and Timepix3 readout AdvaPIX for fast X-ray radiography and fully spectral imaging
    • Poster P143, Daniel Turecek: AdvaPIX: Fast USB3 based readout for Timepix and Timepix3 chips
  • Spectral radiography and computed tomography for small animal imaging
    • Poster P75, Eliska Trojanova: Tissue sensitive imaging and tomography without contrast agents for small animals with Timepix based detectors
  • Large Area CdTe and CdZnTe cameras with 55 μm pixel pitch