Neutron imaging

Our ModuPIX camera achieves ultra-high spatial resolution for thermal neutron imaging. The camera offers resolution of up to 2.5 µm (!). The resolution is expressed as sigma of Point-Spread-Function. The camera's field of view is 14x14 mm that gives at the maximum resolution 6.5 MPix. 

The camera is equipped with a Silicon sensor with neutron conversion layer of 6LiF. Thermal neutrons are captured by 6Li that produces Alpha particles and tritons. These heavy charged particles are then detected in the Silicon sensor. The ultra high spatial resolution is achieved by processing of individual neutron hits while taking into account also charge collection in the sensor. All this advanced processing is implemented in the camera software, which is simple to use.

ModuPIX is therefore neutron imaging camera with highest spatial resolution available on the market.

Siemens start imaged with cold neutrons.