The team of Advacam s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

The Prague team consists of renowned scientists, engineers and programmers with long experience in electronics design, software and application of radiation imaging detectors.

Mr. Jan Sohar is the co-founder and the Chief Operation Officer of the company and he is responsible for contracting and directing of whole camera production chain. Jan has long experience directing small and middle industrial companies.

Dr. Jan Jakubek is the co-founder and the Chief Science Officer of the company. Jan is responsible for developing new, cutting edge approaches to applications of our technology to solve the most challenging client's needs. Jan has a long experience in the field of radiation imaging and pixel detectors for many applications including usage in space with NASA and ESA. His publication list counts about 150 impacted articles and many contributions in conference proceedings.


Dr. Josef Uher is responsible for development of custom solutions based on our cameras. He is communicating client’s needs and translating them into modifications of our hardware and software. He is seeking for new commercial applications of our devices taking advantage of his over 12 years of experience in development of photon counting camera applications.  


M.Sc. Martin Jakubek is the co-founder and a hardware specialist and a technology manager. He is author of about 18 scientific articles. He is responsible for low level hardware designs including software control. He performs also mechanical designs and low level technology development for precise fabrication, vacuum components, detector coating and gluing etc. process engineer specialised on sensor manufacturing technologies.


M.Sc. Daniel Turecek is the co-founder and a software specialist. He is specialized to multiplatform development of software solutions for complex data acquisition systems including adaptive control of the all system components and network solutions such as: Software for radiation tracking system installed on board of International Space Station, software for network of radiation imaging monitors in ATLAS detector in CERN. He is author of about 16 scientific articles. 


Dr. Pavel Soukup is the co-founder and a hardware designer. His specialisation is microelectronics and control. He is author of about 15 scientific articles. He is responsible for designs of electronics and hardware solutions (microprocessor systems, FPGA based systems, data transfer).


M.Sc. Eliska Trojanova is junior imaging specialist. She is performing numerous X-ray imaging experiments and studies for our clients. Even though, Eliska is a young scientist, she has already an extensive experience with use of Widepix photon counting cameras.





ADVACAM s.r.o. has offices in Prague, Czech Republic. They have facilities and equipments for electronics and hardware designing and development; sensor gluing and wire bonding; and setup for the camera calibration and X-ray imaging.