Imaging the unseen

Advacam designs, manufactures and sells digital material resolving color X-ray imaging cameras for non-destructive inspection in oil and gas, aerospace and electronics industries. In these industries, high quality lightweight materials are the key construction elements for modern vehicles or lighter devices. Inspection and quality assurance for defects, impurities or cracks in these materials is therefore important. With Advacam’s cameras challenging defects such as deep laminate wrinkles, kissing-bonds, delaminations, porosity, foreign objects and micro-cracks in the soft materials can be detected with spatial resolution of 55 µm or better.

In addition to the detection of the defects, the camera allows identification of materials in the X-ray images by measuring changes of the X-ray wavelength spectrum.

Our founding and executive team has multidisciplinary skills in business, silicon sensor manufacturing, micro packaging, electronics design and X-ray imaging solutions. 



Advacam has the highest possible international credit worthiness classifications