X-ray diffraction

X-ray diffraction is analytical method based on inspection of crystalline structure of samples used in applications, such as metallurgy, mineralogy, powders, pigments, polymers, surface layers and strain mapping. The traditional XRD uses monochromatic X-rays which make the apparatus large and slow. ADVACAM’s spectral camera based on Timepix3 chip with high resolution makes it fast and compact.

Polychromatic X-ray diffraction

The polychromatic X-ray beam can be used with ADVACAM’s energy dispersive detectors system is faster, smaller, much less complex. The high resolution detector can be placed close to the sample covering large solid angle fast data accumulation. Broad X-ray energy range (3 - 150 keV) can be covered. and thus even heavy samples can be transmitted, such as stainless steel, heavy metals and minerals.

Principle of X-ray diffraction using a polychromatic X-ray beam and spectral sensitive detector using timepix3 chip.

Silicon powder in distance of 25 mm with polychromatic X-ray beam of 0.5 x 0.5 mm at 80 kVp.