The Most Radioactive Site in NYC with MiniPix

Ryan Mandelbaum, who is a writer at, visited the most radioactive site in New York City - the site of the old Wolff-Alport Chemical Company, now an auto repair garage and an EPA superfund site.

With him he had Advacam's MiniPix USB particle camera that according to Mandelbaum is " teeny and deceptively simple to use, but if you’re in space, you’ve just survived a nuclear apocalypse, or you’re a physics fan interested in how much radiation hits you on a daily basis, it’s about as fun as a product can get."

The MiniPix is a plug-and-play Geiger counter for your laptop but it takes pictures of the radiation that passes through its 256 by 256-pixel TimePix detector. Ryan Mandelbaum tested out several objects before the site in NYC, e.g airport security scanner, in an aeroplane, an old smoke detector and a banana -yes you are reading that right!

If you want to read more about the amazing detector and how Mandelbaum's test turned out


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